New Insights Unveiled Regarding Universal Orlando Resort’s Latest Hotels

Crafting a stay at a Universal Orlando Resort hotel is akin to mastering an exquisite art form, and I consider myself quite the virtuoso. With a plethora of stays under my belt, spanning various vacation styles, I’ve not only orchestrated countless retreats but also indulged in the immersive experiences each hotel offers. You might even spot me enjoying a leisurely evening at Strong Water Tavern — it’s practically a second home.

Having rested my head at all eight existing Universal hotels, I’ve chronicled my adventures and adoration for them in a recent article. So, when I say that Universal’s upcoming additions — Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort, debuting on January 21, 2025, and February 25, 2025, respectively — are poised to elevate the already stellar lineup, you can trust it’s a bold claim backed by expertise.

Each of these 750-room retreats delves into distinct facets of the cosmic realm, from earthly wonders to celestial marvels. While each property boasts its unique identity, there’s an overarching harmony in their thematic exploration of the extraterrestrial.

Russ Dagon, Universal’s senior vice president for resort development, sheds light on the inspiration behind these celestial havens, emphasizing the enchantment and enigma of space. “We aimed to capture the magical essence of space travel and the celestial sphere,” he explains.

Stella Nova Resort, a tribute to the stars, immerses guests in the cosmic grandeur of galaxies. From the awe-inspiring lobby adorned with stalactite-like cocoons to the mesmerizing images of distant galaxies, meticulously sourced from telescopic captures, every detail exudes celestial allure.

On the other hand, Terra Luna Resort adopts a terrestrial perspective, drawing inspiration from the planets and landscapes within our solar system. As you step into its cavernous lobby, you’re greeted by an interactive projection of celestial bodies, setting the tone for an otherworldly experience. The color palette of Terra Luna Resort evokes an ethereal ambiance, perfectly complementing its role as a haven for travelers exploring Universal’s themed realms.

The exterior architecture of these hotels is equally spellbinding, adorned with over 125,000 color-changing tiles. Transformative by nature, they offer a dynamic visual spectacle, evolving with the play of light throughout the day. Jessica Iaconis, assistant director of facility design, elaborates on this dichroic effect, highlighting how the hotels metamorphose into luminous galaxies after dark, courtesy of hidden stainless steel tiles.

Beyond aesthetics, both properties boast inviting swimming pools, poolside bars, and a delectable array of dining options. Additionally, guests enjoy a host of benefits, including convenient transportation to Universal’s theme parks and proximity to the future Universal Epic Universe theme park slated to open later in 2025.

With bookings now available, the countdown to immersive escapades begins. Before long, I’ll have explored the comforts of ten Universal hotels, and you should join in the anticipation.

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